rENIAC Collaborates with Xilinx to Provide Performance as a Service in Response to Customer Need for Predictable & Scalable Performance Across Clouds

rENIAC enables consistent database performance across hybrid, cloud and multicloud environments

_rENIAC Performance service_1 (1)SANTA CLARA — June 22, 2021 – Today, rENIAC announced a Performance as a Service capability for organizations whose applications require consistent, predictable performance, wherever data is stored. In collaboration with Xilinx, rENIAC Performance as a Service enables customers to achieve deterministic performance whether their database nodes are deployed in hybrid, cloud or multicloud environments.

With today’s announcement of rENIAC’s Performance as a Service capability, the powerful combination of Xilinx FPGAs, rENIAC’s Data Engine (rDE) software and the deployment location of choice is available to any organization that needs better performance out of open source databases starting with Apache Cassandra.

With the launch in March 2021, rDE is available on Amazon EC2 F1 instances, the powerful combination of public cloud and FPGAs is available to any organization that needs better performance out of open source databases like Apache Cassandra.

rENIAC is now expanding the product option across clouds with the introduction of rDE for Azure NP Instances and we are inviting customers to join the private preview on Azure NP.

According to Gartner, Inc., “by 2022, 75% of all databases will be deployed or migrated to a cloud platform, with only 5% ever considered for repatriation to on-premises.”  As data sprawl and scale has grown, companies of all sizes have transitioned more workloads to the cloud while keeping ultrasensitive or regulated data on premises.  Some have transitioned fully to cloud and focused on security protocols to ensure data privacy.  As these companies have also developed more complex applications with varying workloads, the need for different cloud capabilities has also changed, leaving each organization with several decisions to make in order to efficiently scale data while optimizing performance.

Until recently, companies have been forced to choose two out of three benefits when deciding between maintenance, performance and cost for their cloud-based database nodes, with performance often falling behind cost and maintenance. Public cloud has provided flexibility and elasticity for many use cases, but now with the advancement of data acceleration software like rENIAC, organizations are able to achieve the performance they want while keeping maintenance and cost to manageable and predictable levels. 

Our customers are looking for optimal performance regardless of where their database nodes are deployed, so we are very excited about Reniac’s multi-cloud approach,” said Sina Soltani, vice president of worldwide sales, Data Center Group at Xilinx.  Reniac’s Performance as a Service  to allows customers to run their compute-intensive workloads on the cloud of their choice, and deploy in the manner best for their business.”

In combination with Xilinx hardware, rENIAC Data Engine software acts as the connective tissue between database nodes and the end user.  As data continues to grow proportionally with the need to process data in real time, rENIAC looks to provide an at-scale solution for ultrafast computing in the cloud to give applications and DBaaS providers the performance they need. 

“Most organizations are already leveraging cloud for their data hosting, many are transitioning, but our goal is to make performance portable across multiple clouds to give customers the freedom of choice for their data infrastructure needs,” said Prasanna Sundararajan, CEO and Co founder of rENIAC.  “We are building on the success of strong traction in online commerce real-time applications. Whether you are a SaaS vendor or end user thinking about your own internal infrastructure management, operational efficiency is key to business success - the more efficient you can be, the more you can invest in innovation versus maintenance.”

rENIAC Data Engine is currently available on AWS F1, which leverages Xilinx FPGAs in the cloud, and is free to try for 30 days.  

Support for Microsoft Azure is coming soon, contact to join the private preview  and test the rDE on Azure.

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Press Contact: Prasanna Sundararajan, CEO,

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